Tips & Tricks

Full Screen Buying

For those of you who have big screens; it's now possible buy fullscreen. This way you'll be able to see more buying cards in one view.

Floricode Stockphoto

A long-time wish finally came true. We're now able to show you the official Floricode Stock Photos! With new varieties coming out every day these pics are becoming more and more essential. It'll give you a better idea of the specific colors of certain flowers & plants. For instance, Alstromeria, Freesia and Lilies will no longer hold their secrets for you.

Product Search Filter

With this filter we re-introduced an old one. We implemented the filter on the left-hand-side for customers who want search quickly in a certain stock.


Are you a customer who mostly buys per bunch or per full bucket or box? It doesn't matter because you can easily edit our preference and also switch at the product itself at any time.

Scroll Assistent

We've seen a lot of people scrolling through all products. That's why we re-introduced the scroll assistant. On the right-hand-side you can click on the first letter of the desired product you wish to see. It'll bring you to the first product starting with that letter.

Change Your View

There were a lot of requests for more products in one view. We heard it and we took care of it. We choose to create a small product-card with only the photo, name, size, grower and price. It'll remember your choosen view by the way.

Global Search Filter

Use our Global Search bar to find a product by name in a quick name. In addition you can imput extra filters such as colour and length to find the right product.