Login & Register

  • That's correct. We've made it possible to view our assortment before you log in. You can log in by clicking 'log in' at the right top corner or a login dialog will appear at the first try to buy something.

  • In the top corner on the right hand side you'll see a register button. When you click it you'll be redirected to our Register page. Fill out the form and one of our accountmanagers will contact you shortly.

Shopping Cart & Cancellation

  • Yes you can. You get 15 minutes to reconsider your purchases. After that time a green checkmark will appear behind each purchase. Depending on what time it is your purchases can still be canceled but you'll have to contact your accountmanager.

Assortment & Availbility

General Use

  • Soon! In an update coming soon you'll see two icons in the white toolbar. Here you'll be able to switch between views. Our plan is that you last chosen view will be remembered for your next visit.

Departure Dates

Login details

  • This is correct. Your preferred browser should ask you to save the login data. Our example is in Google Chrome:

    Step 1: go to your browser settings Step 2: click 'passwords'

    Step 3: Search for 'flowersfrom' Step 4: Select 'Automatic Login' if you want Step 5: Delete all existing passwords

    Step 6: Close your browser Step 4: Re-open your browser Step 5: Go to our shop and login

    The shop should offer you to save your login details. Allow it. That should do the trick.